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    Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology(LIT), located in Luoyang, the thousand-year ancient capital and the peony flower city, is a provincial undergraduate university with 8 disciplines ---engineering, science, arts, economics, management, law, fine arts and education.

    In March 2007, LIT was established by merging Luoyang College of Technology and Luoyang University, with the approval of China Ministry of Education. Luoyang College of Technology was established in 1956, affiliated with former National Building Materials Bureau. In 1998, the management transformed into “the central and local governments to build, mainly by local management”. Luoyang University, attached to Luoyang, was founded in 1980.

    LIT is composed of 3 campuses with a total area of 2229 hectares, whose construction area reaches 0.9 million ㎡, of which 408,600 ㎡ is used for teaching, and 185,400 ㎡ for student dormitories, 153,400 ㎡ for sports. Scientific research instruments cost 1.7 billion yuan, with 54 labs and practice bases on campus and 117 off campus. The library, with a construction area of 56,300 ㎡, possesses a paper book collection of 1.828 million volumes and 1.288 million e-books and 23 databases in Chinese and foreign languages.

    LIT has a faculty of 1795, including 1171 full-time teachersor or whom there are 81 professors, 366 associate professors, 153 doctors and 713 masters. 7 experts enjoy the State Council Special Allowance and 5 are selected for New Century Talents Project with 4 provincial experts for excellent management .

    There are 23,908 full-time students, including 15,250 undergraduates. The university consists of 17 departments, 6 academic specialties, with 33 undergraduate majors. In LIT there is 1 provincial key discipline, 6 provincial characteristic disciplines, 4 provincial pilot programs, 5 provincial model centers of experiment education, 12 national or provincial quality courses and 2 provincial teaching teams. With 5 province and 18 city research platforms, LIT has undertaken 344 national and provincial programs in recent 5 years, including 22 like National Natural Science Foundation of China and 863 Plan, etc. Since 2007, the university has won 25 prizes at the provincial level or above, 8 prizes for provincial teaching achievement and 222 national patents.

    As for the international exchange, the university keeps a close relationship with 14 universities respectively in Russia, Italy, America, U.K., etc. for cooperation and research work. The material science research center is set up with Turin Polytechnic University in Italy and 4 cooperative projects with many countries like Russia and Australia receive overseas students from Russia, South Korea, Japan, etc.

    Since its establishment, LIT, based on Luoyang, Henan oriented and serving all domains, adheres to the principle --- talent cultivation, innovation, focusing on content-building, distinct features and quality improvement. The university follows the motto ---- gaining knowledge, devoting to human good, increasing capacity for challenge and keeping up with the latest, in the pursuit of a true, honest, open-minded and inclusive school. It gives great priority to teaching and constructs the system of cultivating applicable talents according to the higher education and social requirements, with significant effect. It is honored many times like the provincial civilized unit and for 6 successive years on the top list of all the universities in Henan. The students have won 1,350 prizes for all the competitions, including 251 national prizes. The college boasts an employment rate of 90% for its graduates in the late three years, winning high praise from employing units for their good performance. The university, characterized by serving the building materials industry as well as the local businesses, has improved the quality of talent cultivation, with a good social reputation and better future, moving forward, with strength and confidence.

Welcome to LuoYang Institute of Science and Technology!

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